Who am I?


You’re reading this, so you’ve made the decision to invest some time in thinking about your career. Thanks for taking time to read my thoughts. I aim to create a practical guide to career management.


I am a husband and father of three “energetic” kids (Teddy 5, Sammy 4, Abby 1) and married to my infinitely patient and beautiful college sweetheart Michele. I’m in my late 30s, live in the suburbs of Minneapolis and enjoy my career but like to believe I am not consumed by it. Factor this in as you hear my perspective on things. My view tries to be balanced, but ultimately it’s mine and tied to my experience.  I tell everyone that these are my opinions; do with them as you see fit.


I currently direct the Carlson Consulting Enterprise, an experiential learning program for MBA and Undergrad students at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. (link: http://www.csom.umn.edu/Page5697.aspx)

I teach a year-long course in consulting skills while coaching students on consulting projects in the business community. 


Prior to launching the CCE, I worked at  3M as a Business Manager with responsibility for the business development of a global consumer car care business. When I joined 3M I co-managed 3M’s Corporate Strategic Business Development department (SBD). I had responsibility for MBA recruiting, professional development of staff and leading internal consulting engagements in the areas of marketing, strategy and business development.


After graduating with my MBA, I spent 5 years at Ernst & Young (later Cap Gemini) in management consulting. I had the opportunity to work for excellent clients in multiple industries and valued my learning opportunities tremendously.


I have an MBA from the Carlson School at the University of Minnesota, an MA in History from the University of Oklahoma and a BA in History from Rice University.


I have always been interested in career and professional/personal development. While in consulting I led campus recruiting teams, actively mentored new hires and have tried to learn and share actively w/ a broad range of people. I have been fortunate to have had several mentors invest time in me, for which I am very grateful.





4 Responses to Who am I?

  1. Aditya Ranade says:

    Dear Phil,

    I came across your profile on linkedIn and then checked out your blog. I thought your articles were well thought out and balanced in their perspective. For someone like me who’s beginning his career, this is very helpful.

    I received my Ph.D. in Polymer Science one year ago and since then have been working a Senior Research Engineer for a large multi-national corporation. I live in the greater Boston area.

    I am looking to shift my career from R&D to Business Development or Strategic Planning. I however do not want to change the indsutry sector that I am in. Within manufacturing I am oepn to any industry that involve physical science based technology e.g. Chemical , Industrial/Manufacturing, Consumer (e.g. Proctor and Gamble), Medical Devices etc.

    I am thinking through several different options to control my career trajectory- Part-Time MBA, joining a business consulting firm, learning one/two foreign languages.I need a career mentor like you to help me think through these options.

    Some areas thatfinterest me are- managing science/technology intensive entreprises, managing innovation/new product development, technology negotiation.

    Hoping to hear from you.
    Best Regards
    Aditya Ranade

  2. Bin Zhang says:

    I got your name from Linkedin, and am really interested in your career progress, which is similar to my career goal, so I checked your blog.
    I like your thoughts on “No regrets” and “Don’t expect perfection”. I always told myself: Once you make every possible effort, you won’t regret even if you fail.
    FYI: I’m a father of 2 lovely girls, got my MBA recenlty, worked at a multi-national chemical company. So I would very much like to further talk with you about life as father of 2 and career development.


  3. Teresa Paetznick says:

    Hi Phil,

    Just wandered across your blog today and am pondering how to re-enter into Corp. America after being home for 2 months on maternity leave. I completely agree with your blogs about ‘going the extra mile’ to leave and impression with your clients and finish strong, but am torn about how much time to spend outside the office to make this happen at the expense of my family. As previous co-workers, I know you know how our time in the office gets sucked up by meetings, leaving little time for actual work.

    Got any good advice for a new/old mom 🙂 To some extent I feel like I’ve cheated my 11 year old daughter a bit over the years and am trying to figure out if I want to follow the same course with my newborn daughter.

  4. Theresa – Great to hear from you. I completely relate to the “what do I do?” question. Last year when I decided to leave 3M, I really wrestled with this and simply decided that I wanted to have more control of my time and to spend more time with our three kids.

    A former boss of mine once observed “you can have it all, just not necessarily at the same time.” I think we owe it to ourselves to really think through our priorities and then commit to them. If career progression is it, OK. If it’s family, then that’s great. Just recognize that whatever you decide is often hard to fully reconcile with other priorities. Long way of saying everything can’t be #1.

    Having said that, I have often found that there may be situations that get you more of what you want. You just have to explore/be open to new possibilities. Hard in these economic times, but not impossible. I’d encourage you to look at a post I wrote awhile back about transitions. It’s more about thinking through next steps than deciding what’s important to you, but it’s relevant.

    Feel free to give me a call if you want to chat more.
    Happy Holidays! P

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