Creative and Critical Thinking at B-Schools

Here’s an interesting piece from the NYT’s regarding some innovations in b-school curriculum. (Thanks to Kyle for the link).

I’m encouraged by what many schools (particularly Rotman and Stanford) are doing to encourage both divergent and integrative thinking. I often feel our curriculum gets very functionally anchored and students struggle to pull broader concepts together as they move through school when most subject matter has been relatively functionally specific.

I feel that there aren’t “marketing” problems or “finance” problems. There are business problems that require diverse expertise and perspectives to arrive at the best solutions. Our CSOM Enterprise programs help us deliver situations that force students to do this. It’s interesting to see how some other schools are adressing the same issues.


4 Responses to Creative and Critical Thinking at B-Schools

  1. Luke says:

    There is a book by Daniel Pink on you’re reading list. Have you read his book “A Whole New Mind?” It does a good job of describing how one might develop some of the creative/holistic thinking skills discussed in this article.

  2. Sijie says:

    Hi Phil, this is a very interesting article. My friend was telling me a similar idea over the break and he came up with a comparison. “If our society is a building, what most business schools are teaching us is how to make the windows nicer or how to make a bigger door, however, if we don’t work on the entire structure of the building, when the storms come, the building still is going to collaspe no matter what.” Correct me if this understanding is wrong.

  3. I think you are on the right track. Another way to think about it is training people to think for themselves about what problem to solve and how to approach it comprehensively, rather than simply telling them the problem and asking them to solve it.

  4. I am aware of it and have flipped through, but haven’t read it yet. It’s on my list! Thanks.

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