“Just Drawn that Way”

Michael Arthur has an interesting post at NYT.com this week. He writes the Happy Days blog and this week’s post is titled “Just Drawn that Way“. He describes his personal  journey to a unique job and career. He covers themes of personal loss, soul searching and taking a personal risk.

Arthur struck a chord with me when he describes how the loss of several relatives and friends drove serious re-appraisal of his career choices. The loss of both my parents in 2006-7 played a big role in shaping my priorities. It made me really contemplate what mattered to me. It also lessened my own sense of “risk”. After sitting with two of the people I loved more than anything in the world and watching them die slowly of cancer, nothing seemed all that daunting really.  

He also hits on the seeming randomness of his path. As I often say, things make sense looking back. You can usually see the themes and connections. But you would never have predicted the outcome looking forward for those who choose paths a little less traveled. So open yourself up to what comes. Life is inherently unpredicable, so go with it.

I loved this quote about realizing what matters to you: “Nine years ago, however, I was a theater professor in Austin, Tex. I had drawn all my life, but had never taken an art class. I was a compulsive doodler who had never viewed drawing as anything other than a diversion until, quite suddenly, I realized that it was actually the rest of my life that had been the diversion.”

Perfect. Figure out what matters to you and what the diversions are.


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